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Digital Humanities

I am a founding member of the Rebellions in the African Diaspora Project, a multidisciplinary study of Black rebellion in the 18th- and 19th-century Atlantic world. This project, which was recently awarded a $50,000 (USD) Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives (I3) Grant at the University of Oregon, is currently in the data collection and modeling stage. Our goal is to build a large-scale digital humanities platform focused on transcriptions of journalistic coverage of  Black rebellions during this historical period. Read more about the Rebellions in the African Diaspora Project.
In alignment with my participation in the RAD Project described above, I recently taught a section of English 468/568 (Black Rebellions) with an emphasis on digital humanities methodology. As the capstone project for this hybrid graduate/advanced undergraduate seminar, I empowered students to design individual digital exhibits for a course site. Students collectively crafted a framework for the site - Fragmented Rebellions - and drafted a mission statement to theorize their digital engagement with the people, histories, and events that they collectively studied. View the Fragmented Rebellions website.
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